The Academic Journey Continues…….


It is very rightly said that we are learners throughout our lives. And for educators, this journey is a never ending one as everyday you explore new changes taking place in the world around you which have a deep bearing on the ways your students perceive things and the ways in which you have to impart learning in a meaningful and effective manner acceptable to your learners.

While working as a Teacher educator in India, I encountered a diverse range of learners with their own learning styles, abilities, constraints, and preferences. I endeavored to make learning as pleasant an experience for them as possible but always felt if there could be even better strategies to cater to everybody’s needs. I am sure that every educator tries his/her best possible strategies to make learning an enjoyable experience for his learners. As we know that success of good teaching lies only in the extent to which the learners grasp the teaching concept. My own academic journey has been a continuous one as while pursuing my career in teaching I was simultaneously pursuing my Doctorate research along with other continuous professional development programs. Now, I have enrolled in Provincial Instructor Diploma of Vancouver Community College (VCC) in an endeavor to learn the latest trends and technologies in adult education so that I may prepare myself fully for a career in this field here in Canada. And my academic journey has borne me fruit as well as I am already thrilled by the vast range of insights gained through the theories of adult learning appropriate to various fields of education, the various techniques of media enhanced learning , the evaluation techniques and the ways of imparting instruction learnt through this course. I do look forward to understand and imbibe new advancements in education as I get through the program.



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