Learning Styles

As I was assigned this topic for the discussion forum, I explored it to discover that multiple researches have been done in this field both favoring and opposing the presence of learning styles. While some researchers say that all of us have our own style of learning, others go on to refute the absence of any evidence to support the of learning styles. Though there are said to be seven styles of learning viz. Visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social and solitary and most of us have preferences with regards to our learning style, it is not necessary that we remain confined to any one of these always. we keep on switching between different styles of learning owing to the nature of the discipline.   In fact we all are blessed with multiple intelligences and we tend to use a mix of them.

The teacher can also very amply use these multiple intelligences of the learners while teaching them concepts of various kinds. Critical self reflection has also been stated to play a vital role in learning  concepts of various natures as is indicated in this popular TED Talk by Tesia Marshik  TED Talk   This podcast of Richard Helder shared by my fellow participant Marwa also very beautifully highlights the importance of maintaining balance between inculcation of various skills among the learners and thus the use of  various teaching strategies by the teacher according to the need of the teaching matter.


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